Privacy Policie's

Q. What Personal Information Do We Collect From People Who Come To Our Website And Engage In Website Chat?

Ans. Whenever we ask for your information i.e. Name, Email, and contact number, either in web chat or email, are used to provide you the best information for our services or for negotiation on our quote. These are not intended for unsolicited calls or emails.

Q. When Do We Collect Information And How Do We Use It?

Ans. During website chat, contact form on the website or on-call, elsewhere on World Estimating forum, if prompted for a name, email address, or contact number are all intended for providing you better information..

Q. How Do We Use And Protect Your Information?

Ans. Your personal information will be used for better customer service requests. For protection, we use Malware scanning, SSL certificate and we never ask for credit card information. For invoicing, we use SECURE Payoneer that never discloses your information to any 3rd party and is credible in the market.

Q. Do We Disclose Your Information To Any 3rd Parties?

Ans. Neither we disclose nor we have any link with any 3rd parties who ask or require our client’s information.

Q. How Do We Ensure The New York Online Privacy Protection Act?

Ans. CalOPPA ensures that privacy policy is published on the website and also about what information being collected from clients and how will it be used. The major points of the Law ensure that the visitor can surf our site anonymously and it’s upon the visitor to provide his/her information while there will be no obligation. The Privacy policy is briefly described in our FAQ section so that the identity of the user remains intact.

Q. Do We Ensure COPPA And CANSPAM Act?

Ans. Neither our campaigns nor our marketing is intended for children under 13 nor we ask for their personal information. While the CANSPAM act is what we follow and obey, our campaign allows our audience to opt-in or opt-out anytime they intend to not receive our notifications.

Q. Are There Any Fair Information Practices Implemented In Matrix Estimation?

Ans. Absolutely there is no breach of personal, commercial, or bid information between any of the stakeholders and is strictly prohibited. This is what we pronounce and declare to everyone who joins our organization.